Edward Kreed
Aliases Edward the Furious
Birthplace Town, City
Date of Birth 1872
Age 32
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Species Human
Occupation Military General
Rank What Military Rank or given rank are you relative to groups?
Abilities Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, superhuman strength, speed and agility
Weapon Sword Sabers
Unique Trait Eyepatch over left eye
Goal To become Fuher


Edward is a kind fellow, always ready to help someone in trouble, if the need arises. He's not the kind of person that would lie or mislead someone intentionally, without good reason.

But, true to his military background, he can be extremely deadly in a combat situation, and is not a man to be lightly trifled with. If you ever intend to harm something he holds dear, or unnecessarily harm an innocent in front of him, beware.


Joined the military at the early age of 18, and from that point has served in every war and conflict since in an attempt to become the Fuher of Amestris. Time and time again Edward has shown himself far above those of the lesser ranks, quickly ranking up multiple times a year, until he finally attained his ultimate goal; To become Fuhrer.




Alkahest Kunai

Sword Saber: The Sword Saber, an extremely versatile sword intended to work well with the movements anyone acustomed to hand to hand combat would be familiar with. The sword itself is designed to be used in quick striks. It also can be dual wielded by those skilled enough. The sword, while not intended for such purposes, can be thrown a short distance with deadly accuracy, quickly as well.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

A formidable opponent in battle, Edward strongly favors using swords, which he wields with deadly proficiency thanks to his unique gifts and lifetime of training, to the point where he can wield five blades simultaneously. Already a supreme swordsman and martial artist.



Speed Strength Durability Combat Alchemy Reflex Total
Level 6 4 4 10 1 8 33


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