Maximilian Creaver
Aliases L'Alchemiste D'Argent
Birthplace Central
Date of Birth Current Year is 1904
Age 34
Family Tetsu Creaver
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Species Human
Occupation Soldier
Rank Major General
Abilities Silver Alchemy
Weapon Alchemized blades
Unique Trait Extremely muscled, Great amount of physical strength
Goal Make the world safe for his son


Outwardly, Maxi is a rather playful and at times immature person. He tends to play around and insult this peers and those that are of lesser rank than himself but is -always- respectful to those above him. Despite this though, he is in truth a very clear minded and level headed person. Though, it doesn't take much to get on his bad side.


Major General Creaver was born and raised in Central. He always looked up to the alchemists in the military that he saw on a regular basis. His father and mother were both military personnel and oftentimes would take him to work with them. He was from a young age involved in the goings on of the country. Though he was a playful child, he was used to having to be very refined when around the people that his mother and father worked with. It was from them that he learned to be respectful of those above you and friendly to those below you.


Searched the Sewers with the Fuhrer for the rogue Humonculus that has been rumored to live there.


A Hat....

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Combat AlchemyEdit

The Silver Alchemist has transmutation circles tattooed to the palms of his hands, though in a far more elaborate and intricate manner. Creaver has differing circles on each palm and smaller circles on the tip of each finger and various alchemical texts and markings tattooed on each finger in between the circles. Because of this, the Silver Alchemist does not need to touch his hands together to form a circle, but does need to remove his gloves in order to fight with alchemy.



Speed Strength Durability Combat Alchemy Reflex Total
Level 5 3 3 6 7 6 30


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